About Vandenborre Energy Systems

Vandenborre Energy Systems NV (VES) with registered offices in De Meere 10, 2460 Kasterlee, Belgium is a Belgian company active in the R&D, design, manufacturing and distribution of (amongst others) hydrogen based products and services.
The business of Vandenborre Energy Systems mainly consists of:

– Electrolysis-based hydrogen generation equipment for residential and industrial applications (Hydrogen Generation).

– Hydrogen-based energy storage solutions for renewable energy applications (Energy Storage).

– Working with European private and government bodies to realise energy storage projects for coupling with renewable energy based on hydrogen, both directly and with partner firms (Projects & Services).

Our Technology

Hydrogen Mobility

” A world based on a green and blue system, sustainable energy and water might not just be a dream for my grandchildren Kaat, Janne, Jojke, Laura, Toon, Jonas, Roos en Floor. It will be my gift for their future and the future of everyone.”

Dr Hugo Vanderborre

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